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Innovise recognises its obligations to the environment through our services and therefore we are continually striving to improve the impact we have on our surrounding environment.

All employees are advised of our policy and we are continually developing our processes to improve our impact on the environment. Our commitment to reducing the impact on the environment has ensured continual improvement and we are always striving to enhance our environmental contribution.


Innovise is aware of the importance of efficient and cost-effective energy design solutions to reduce the overall impact on the environment, both in terms of reducing the consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels and in reducing the quantity of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. Accordingly Innovise reduce our energy usage and associated costs:

  • All computer monitors are flat screen instead of CRT and are therefore more energy efficient.
  • We have lowered the central heating temperature control to provide more energy efficient heating.
  • We have lowered the water temperature control to provide a more energy efficient provision of water.


Innovise accept that motor vehicles are responsible for significant emissions to the atmosphere and therefore by reducing the use of vehicles and the effects of them, we can benefit the environment and contribute to improving both the health of our staff and the general public.

  • We encourage those staff for whom it is possible, to walk or cycle to work.
  • We encourage our staff to use car-sharing schemes to travel to and from the office.
  • We endeavour to ensure the most effective use of Company vehicles by arranging for members of staff to travel in one vehicle where possible, for client and contractor visits.


To reduce negative environmental impacts, we recognise that it is important to reduce the quantities of materials used in the office and to encourage the reuse and recycling of office materials and the use (where appropriate) of less environmentally damaging materials. Innovise will take all appropriate steps to reduce the amount of 'raw material' usage within the office environment.

  • All toners in printers and copiers are recyclable and an established recycling scheme has been implemented for these products.
  • Electronic communication is favoured over paper copies, thereby reducing the amount of internal paper waste.
  • Any paper waste that is created is recycled.